Friday, August 13, 2010

Durian Cream Cake for my bro's birthday 榴莲鲜奶油蛋糕

This is my bro's birthday cake.
He's really a big fan of durians, he ate them since he was in my mother stomach.
My mum used to ate durian every night few months before she gave birth to my bro.

When it is his birthday, i made him this durian cream cake.
I stole the idea for decoration from net,hehe but i add the kitkat to make it more like a durian.

I add a lot of durian puree into the cream mixture. When i assembly the cake, i add evenmore durian puree between the layers. So, this cake is really a heavy durian cake, Those who dislike durian pls stay away or u will vomit when just smelling of it.But my bro like it very much and so do my family.My bro even ate more than half of the cake alone. ^^ Happy,happy

I used chocolate chiffon as the cake base, My dad said it seems like rotten durian, hehe

Here are more pics but becoz the recipe is just to complicte so i dun post it here,

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