Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Durian Flavour Pudding 榴莲口味布丁

Yesterday I went to baking ingredients shop near my house  and I saw a packet pudding powder in durian flavour.
I decided to buy it immediately since i am sure my bro will like it.
Today I make it following the instruction on the packet but I substitute the evaporated milk with UHT milk.Besides that I didn’t add in sugar as instruction because I noticed the ingredients of the pudding powder has already including sugar inside.
The result turns out quite good, not too sweet but the durian flavour is too artificial(like the durian potong ice cream) and not strong enough. Total can make abt 20 cups.Just RM 4.80  a packet,quite cheap d lo.Outside the autie sells at RM1.20 per cup le…

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