Thursday, October 11, 2012

The first month in Nottingham- hometown of Robinhood!

                    The place where I will spent 2 years of my life here - University of Nottingham

Times flying... I have already been here- Nottingham for 1 month!
Never leave my home sweet home for so long
Start to miss my family, friends, mum's cooking, nasi lemak, roti canai...
Never knew that malaysia food is soooo... good >< 
Now i regret i didn't eat as much as i can before i left.

Now is already week 3, but my study mood still not on yet><
Travel to few place around nottingham
The most famous place will be the wollaton park- Where the dark knight rises (Batman)
It was not far from our place and we just walked there
Since we ate a lot the first week so it was a good opportunity for us to exercise
And as a member of 'Giam Siap' (stingy) group, we wanna save on the bus fare

The weather here was quite nice when we just reached
mostly sunny days and the temperature was quite comfortable too
but it become worse this few days since now is already autumn
dislike the shower rain here and the temperature drop to 2c at night someday

The sceneries here are beautiful
Took a lot of photos 
Hope that i will enjoy my life here to the max
And not to forget studying
Senior tell us to go travelling during the first semester since the workload is still not too much
Where should i plan to go???
Plan to get a part time job also but not easy
Nvm, then focus on study first!

My School
Derby - Autumn is here...

Nottingham Goose Fair
Derby Church